Polar Star
This oil on canvas painting depicts the locomotive POLAR STAR No. 4005 leaving EUSTON on the GWR/LNWR loco exchange in 1910.

In 1910 the LNWR & GWR carried out a series of locomotive exchanges. This view is of a GWR star class locomotive leaving EUSTON station with the EUSTON to CREWE, 12.10pm ex EUSTON. The journey was non-stop, and took 175 minutes. The train was 370 Tons gross, 11 passenger coaches, including 2 off 12 wheel dining cars.
The exchange proved the great superiority of the GWR engines being efficient and economical to operate compared to the LNWR locomotives of the 4-6-0 "EXPERIMENT" class. POLAR  STAR is 4-6-0 4 cylender bulilt in SWINDON.

The Painting is Oil on Canvas and measures 60cm x 30cm